Abigail Faith Goeser

Abigail Faith is an interdisciplinary creator who holds a bachelor's degree in apparel design from Iowa State University. Abigail’s internship experiences at Ana Woods, Dornink Couture, LoveShackFancy and Anthropologie as well as her extended travels across Europe, Central America and South Africa have provided her an immense appreciation for culture, craft, sustainability, and all things whimsy. 

Abigail spent her time in college investing in rich professional experiences and has received recognition as a YMA FSF Scholar, Omaha Fashion Week Featured Designer and First Place winner of The Fashion Show at Iowa State University. 

Abigail aims to work on a creative design or concept team. She is currently seeking full time opportunities across the US and abroad. For a cover letter, resume and list of references please email Abigail directly at abigail@abigailfaith.co

Fashion Designer. Photographer. Stylist.


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Q  &  A

"Fashion has always been a constant in my life. I always wrote “fashion designer” as my dream job when I was little, and I wouldn’t go through a day without changing my outfit three times. Something that has always drawn me to fashion is the history and craft behind it. Sewing used to be housework and almost everyone knew how to do it. I love the idea of returning to our roots and doing things the way they used to be done. Maybe that’s why I’m so invested in every step of the fashion process and consider myself to be a jack of all trades; whether its weaving, natural dyeing, digital printing, sewing, etc…. I’m always eager to dive right in and get my hands dirty in the creative process of design."

How did you get into fashion? Share a little about your background.

How was your design aesthetic born? Describe your aesthetic and the feeling you want it to convey.

“Intentional design and a dash of whimsy,” is how I have always described my work. I love to design clothing that is wearable, functional and well made while also adding some sort of whimsical and meaningful twist. That dash of whimsy has been many different things for me including unique, conversational fabrics, nods to vintage silhouettes, or the process used to make the garments like natural dyeing or digital printing."

Describe your favorite projects that you have worked on.

"One of my favorite projects I have done was based around sustainability and natural dyeing in the apparel industry. I partnered with a local grocery store to use their leftover produce that had gone bad and the scraps from their to kitchen, and turn them into beautiful natural dyes. This was really a passion project for me and I loved researching and experimenting with what the connection could be between sustainability in the apparel industry and the food industry. The process was very rewarding and definitely made me feel connected with mother nature. Another favorite project of mine was learning how to weave wicker baskets for my collection MODE, which showed in Omaha Fashion Week. Wicker accessories have been such a big trend over the past few seasons and learning how to make and design my own was extremely rewarding. The process turned out to be quite simple while the visual effect was very powerful."

How do you balance creativity/innovation with consistency in your work?

"The mantra behind my work is, “intentional design and a dash of whimsy.” Intention is my number one focus when I start to create. Finding my “why” at the beginning of a project helps me to stay consistent. This typically includes developing a solid concept and then diving into trend, silhouette and color research. The most exciting part is adding the “dash of whimsy” once I have my intentional, solid base. This is where I truly let my creativity flow, experimenting, letting my walls and expectations down and just having fun with the process."