in the new women’s ready-to-wear collection from Abigail Faith. Entirely sourced from sustainable materials, playful colors and graceful silhouettes create soft, unique appearances that feel as though you’re coming home."

"Simpler times are revived 

is inspired by the people, places and parts of my heritage that spark an emotional response within me. The things that have developed my creative eye. As designers, our life experiences and history are really what set us apart from one another. I sought guidance in the design process by looking through old photo albums, gathering artifacts and listening to family members tell stories about growing up, starting businesses and falling in love in small town Iowa. The collection is a patchwork of these stories, telling themselves through the details; old family photos, business logos, my grandmother’s varsity letter and my father’s boy scout patches. LORE pays tribute to playfulness, nostalgia and the uniqueness of everyone's story. 

The fabrics in LORE have a heritage of their own, they are all recycled and repurposed. Ranging from bed sheets bought at Salvation Army to curtains off my wall. The leftover scraps were used for woven detailing and appliques. Utilizing design details of original garments like the waistbands and plackets allowed for this collection to have an authentic and well-worn feel.

"LORE, meaning, “a body of traditions”